Experimental demonstration competition
Pitch your spinoff/startup idea

Experimental demonstration competition

More than 5000$ in prizes!
This competition is open to all students enrolled full-time at a university (undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D.) or a college/CEGEP in the province of Quebec.

University undergraduate and college/CEGEP students (Level 1)
Topics: Design and implementation of microelectronic devices using discreet electronic elements.
Applications: Consumer Electronics.
Awards: 1000$ for first place, 600$ for second place and 400$ for third place.

Graduate Students (Level 2)
Topics: Design and implementation of microsystems, integrated circuits, MEMS and microfluidic chips.
Applications: Biomedical, wireless, communication, industrial devices and any other application involving microsystems.
Awards: 1500$ for first place, 1000$ for second place and 600$ for third place.

To submit your project
Abstract application deadline: September 24, 2018
Notification of acceptance: October 1, 2018

Please fill the project submission form and send it in PDF format via the online submission page (select “Microsystems Experimental Demonstration Competition”).

To be eligible for the JIR competition candidates must be registered as full-time undergraduate student (level 1) or graduate (level 2) in a Quebec university or as a college/CEGEP student in the province of Québec (level 1) at the time of the competition.

Selection Criteria
The project must be scientifically sound and technically fully functional. Each project should be complete to demonstrate the output results without the requirement of special set-up or test equipment. Level 2 projects must propose a novel technique or reveal a significant advantage over the conventional methods.

The main event of the ReSMiQ innovation day is a competition where undergraduate and graduate students will demonstrate their scientific and technical expertise through the presentation af a live experiment. The competition will play in two parts.

Part 1: My project in 180·106 μsEach candidate will introduce their project via a 3 minutes oral presentation
Part 2: My project in action – Live demonstration of a microsystem.

A special jury will select the 3 best projects in each category to receive an award. Also, thanks to IEEE Montréal SSCS Chapter a special prize will be awarded to the best project which topic fits the SSCS area of expertise.

Pitch your spinoff/startup idea

Most of the intellectual property (IP) generated by graduate students’ research results in license transfers to well-established corporations and a few of them in new spinoffs. University spin-offs are small companies created for the commercial exploitation of products that were developed by academic research. The university spinoffs can support the local economic development by creating business opportunities through new ideas arisen from graduate students’ research. To encourage and support the entrepreneurial spirit among graduate student in Quebec, the ReSMiQ Innovation Day 2018 (RID2018) forum will feature the graduate student contest “Pitch your spin-off/startup”.

To be eligible for this competition candidates must be registered as full-time graduate student with a research that address a current market need in the area of circuit and systems.

To submit your project
Abstract application deadline: September 24, 2018
Notification of acceptance: October 1, 2018

Proposals must be sent in electronic format)doc, pdf) to the coordinator of ReSMiQ at and include the following information:

  • Student’s name, name of the research director, university affiliation, email address
  • Name of the proposed company (or research Title)
  • A one-page summary of the proposed spin-off/startup idea including:
    • The problem you are solving.
    • The target market and opportunity
    • The proposed solution
    • The business model

The competition consists of a 3-minute presentation during which the candidate explains his business idea.

A special jury will select the 3 best ideas to receive an award:

  • 1000$ for first place
  • 600$ for second place
  • 400$ for third place

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