Experimental demonstration competition
Scientific poster competition

Experimental demonstration competition

More than 5000$ in prizes!
This competition is open to all students enrolled full-time at a university (undergraduate, M.Sc. and Ph.D.) or a college/CEGEP in the province of Quebec.

University undergraduate and college/CEGEP students (Level 1)
Topics: Design and implementation of microelectronic devices using discreet electronic elements.
Applications: Consumer Electronics.
Awards: 1000$ for first place, 600$ for second place and 400$ for third place.

Graduate Students (Level 2)
Topics: Design and implementation of microsystems, integrated circuits, MEMS and microfluidic chips.
Applications: Biomedical, wireless, communication, industrial devices and any other application involving microsystems.
Awards: 1500$ for first place, 1000$ for second place and 600$ for third place.

To submit your project
Abstract application deadline: February 2, 2022
Notification of acceptance: February 9, 2022

Please fill the project submission form and send it in PDF format via the online submission page (select “Microsystems Experimental Demonstration Competition”).

To be eligible for the JIR competition candidates must be registered as full-time undergraduate student (level 1) or graduate (level 2) in a Quebec university or as a college/CEGEP student in the province of Québec (level 1) at the time of the competition.

Selection Criteria
The project must be scientifically sound and technically fully functional. Each project should be complete to demonstrate the output results without the requirement of special set-up or test equipment. Level 2 projects must propose a novel technique or reveal a significant advantage over the conventional methods.

Scientific poster competition

More than 1 500$ in prizes!
This competition is open to all graduate students enrolled full-time at one of the university partner of ReSMiQ.

Proposal submission
Abstract submission deadline: February 2, 2022
Notification of acceptance: February 9, 2022

Eligibility conditions
+ The student must be registered as a full time M.Sc. or Ph.D. student in one of the ReSMiQ’s member institutions at the time of submitting a proposal.
+ The student must be directed by at least one professor regular or associate members of ReSMiQ.
+ The project must be related to the ReSMiQ’s research program.

Best presentation award
A special jury will select the three (3) best presentations that will be awarded a cash prize.
+ 750$ (1st place)
+ 550$ (2nd place)
+ 350$ (3rd place)

Submission process
Please fill the Poster presentation proposal form and submitt your poroposal via the online submission page (select the Scientific poster competition).

Welcome to Université du Québec en Outaouais for RID2022 and the 10th Experimental Demonstration Competition.
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